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Lovells Steaks and Chops To Go

Hand Trimmed On Premise by Chef Lovell
I used only the Top USDA Choice Grain Fed Mid-Western Beef
Wet Aged for 28 days then Dry Aged for another 14 days

New York Strip Steaks & Rib Eye Steaks 
New York Strip Steak 12oz/$22.00 16oz/$28.00
Rib Eye Steak 14oz/$26.00 16oz/$30.00
The Cowboy Chop 28oz/$51.00 34oz/$62.00

Center Cut Filets 
Center Cut Filet  8oz/$14.50 12oz/$22.00
Chateaubriand for Two 24oz/$44.00
Whole Tenderloin, cleaned and trimmed $28.00 per pound
Beef Wellington $22 each

Rib Eye Roast
Boneless Rib Eye Roast  7lbs @ $18.50lb 14lbs @ $18.50
Bone-In Rib Eye Roast 11lbs @ $17.50lb 22lbs @ $17.50

Australian Rack of Lamb
Eight Rib French Boned Rack $28.00 each

Brickshire Farms Pork Chops
Two Rib French Boned Rack $18.00 each

Lovells Steak Burgers
Jays Personal Recipe 10oz/$6.00 each

All Steaks are cut to order.
Please call between 10am and 11am and place your order
All orders will be ready between 3pm on the same day. 
To place an order Please call 847-234-8013

Gift Baskets · Soups · Stocks · Sauces

Lovells To Go

Lovells To Go

All of Jay Lovell’s products are completely natural.
No preservatives Stabilizers or emulsifiers

Only Natural Fresh Ingredients are used.
Season with Kosher Salt, White Pepper and Fresh Herbs.
Some soups will change with the season. 

Fresh Vegetable Gazpacho 16oz/$9.00 32oz/$18.00
New England Clam Chowder 16oz/$6.00 32oz/$12.00
Mushroom Bisque 16oz/$6.00 32oz/$12.00
Pumpkin Bisque 16oz/$6.00 32oz/$12.00
Roasted Tomato Basil 16oz/$6.00 32oz/$12.00

All Natural Ingredients, No Salt, MSG, Fillers, Gum or Thickening Agent Added

Roasted Poultry Stock 16oz/$6.00 32oz/$12.00
Roasted Poultry Demi Glaze 16oz/$12.00
Roasted Veal Stock 16oz/$6.00 32oz/$12.00
Roasted Veal Demi Glaze 16oz/$12.00  

All of my sauces are made in Small Batches to control quality.
I believed in the Time Honored Way of Slow Natural Reduction
using only Pure Stocks Reductions with Fresh Ingredients, Wines
Spirits and yes Fresh Cream. 

Red Wine Veal Reduction  8oz/$8.00 16oz/$16.00
Cognac Veal reduction   8oz/$8.00 16oz/$16.00
Rich Bolognese Sauce  8oz/$6.50 16oz/$13.00
Louisiana Bayou Sauce                           8oz/$6.50 16oz/$13.00

Salad Dressing
All Natural and Fresh Ingredients

Alexander Dressing  8oz/$6.00 16oz/$12.00
Green Goddess Dressing  8oz/$6.00 16oz/$12.00
Dijon Vinaigrette  8oz/$6.00 16oz/$12.00

Fruit Sauces 
All Natural Reductions with Sugar

Raspberry Sauce  8oz/$6.00 16oz/$12.00
Cranberry Sauce  8oz/$6.00 16oz/$12.00
Crème Anglaise  8oz/$6.00 16oz/$12.00