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Granny Smith Apple Salad with Amish Blue Cheese Micro Arugula and Walnuts, Natural Apple Reduction Vinaigrette

Recipe Category:Side Dishes

Makes 4 servings

The salad
6ea    Granny Smith Apples, med. size
1ea    Lemon, juice of
4oz    Amish Blue Cheese, crumble
4pinches    Micro Arugula
2oz    Walnuts Pieces, chopped
8oz    Natural Apple Reduction Vinaigrette

Cored the Granny Smith Apples and cut into small diced. Squeezed the Lemon juice on the apples and toss them to prevent them from turning brown.

Add the Crumble Amish Blue Cheese and the Walnut pieces. Toss together with the apple reduction vinaigrette.

Wet the Micro Arugula with a little vinaigrette and garnish the top of the salad.
Natural Apple Reduction Vinaigrette
2cup               White Wine
2cup              Apple Juice          
1/2 cup         Sugar
4ea                Apples
3tbl               Apple Cider Vinegar
6tbl               Salad Oil
½                  Lemon, to taste
Diced up the apples and place into a small pot. Add white wine, apple juice and sugar.

Reduce to 1cup and strain thru a fine mesh screen. Place in ice bath and chill.

Put the apple reduction in a mixing bowl and wisk in the apple cider vinegar and the salad oil. Check for seasoning, add a little lemon if needed.
Jay Lovell  – Chef de Cuisine / Owner