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Meeting Breaks


Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Herbal Tea, Hot Chocolate or Hot Cider
$15.00 per pot

Ice Tea, Milk, Lemonade
$14.00 per pitcher

Freshly Squeezed Orange or Grapefruit Juice
Servers approximately 8 people (6oz)
$29.00 per pitcher

Juice from Concentrate
V-8, Orange, Grapefruit, Apple, Cranberry

$17.00 per pitcher

Fresh Squeezed Minted Lemonade
$32.00 per gallon

Sparkling Lemon-Cranberry Punch
$28.00 per pot

Assorted Sodas, Bottled Natural and Sparkling Water
$2.75 each

Specialty Break Menus

The Lake Forest
Fresh Fruit Kebabs with Poppy Seed Dip, Individual Fruit Yogurts
Assorted Power Bars
$12.00 per person

The Energy Booster
Lovells Gorp Mix, Whole Fruit and Berries, Assorted Power Bars
$10.00 per person

Stadium Favorites
Warm Soft Pretzels with Mustard Sauce, Spicy Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing
Gold Fish, Bar Mix and Salted Mixed Nuts
$7.50 per person

Gourmet Chips and Dip
Homemade Yukon gold Potato Chips and Yellow Corn Chips
Fresh Avocado Salsa, Mango Salsa with Jalapeno, Pico de Gallo and Tomatillo Salas
$7.75 per person

Sweet Southern Comfort
Mini M&M’s, Snickers, Milky Ways and Almond Joys
In House Baked Chocolate Chip, Oat Meal Raisin and Heath Bar Crunch Cookies
$8.25 per person

Healthy Habits
Vegetables Crudité with Roasted Red Pepper Dip, Grilled Vegetable with Fresh Herbed Dip
International Cheese Board with Assorted Crackers, Whole Fruit of the Season
$15.25 per person

Double Dip
Chocolate Dipped Brownies, Rice Krispy Treats, Oreo Cookies, Pretzels Rods
$8.00 per person

A La Carte Break Items

Lemon Bars and Espresso Brownies
$2.75 per person

Fresh Baked Cookies
Chocolate Chip, Heath Bar Crunch, Oatmeal Raisin
Jumbo $33.00 per dozen – ½ size $18.00 per person

Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti
$4.00 per person

Whole Fruit
$20.00 per dozen

Assorted Fruit Yogurts
$2.50 each

Sliced Seasonal Fruits, melons and Berries
The chef’s choice of fresh yogurt sauce
$5.50 per person

Warm, Soft pretzels
With a honey, cracked-grain mustard pretzels dip
$25.50 per dozen

Lovells of Lake Forest Gorp Mix
Cashews, almonds, M&M’s and sunflower seeds with dried dark cherries
blueberries and cranberries
$10 per bowel

Bar Mix – 16oz
$4.25 per bowl

Pretzels – 16oz
$3.75 per bowl

Mix Nuts – 16oz
$9.50 per bowl

Jolly Ranchers – 16oz
$3.00 per bowl

Plane M&M’s – 16oz
$8.00 per bowl

Power Bars
$2.50 per bowl

An Assortment of Buttered Popcorn
Buttered, Cheese and Caramel Corn

$3.00 per person