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Dessert Stations

Dessert Stations
Assorted Miniature French Pastries Station   
Fruit Tarts, Éclairs, Napoleons, Cherry Bombs, Petit Fours, Cream Puffs, Cheese Cakes
Tiramisu, Brownies and Cannolis
$7.50 per person
Assorted Tarts, Fruit pies and Cakes
Apple, mix berries and almond tarts, cherry, lemon and peach pies
White & dark chocolate, grand mariner and pasticcio cakes
$7.00 per person 

International Cheese and Fresh Fruit Station
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Board with a Sour Cream, Grand Marnier and Brown Sugar Sauce
Selection of Imported and Domestic Cheeses with Sliced Baguettes and Assorted Crackers
$7.25 per person

International Coffee and Cookie Station

Urns of Lovells regular and decaf blend of coffee with assorted traditional and tropical hot teas
Chocolate shavings, fresh whipped cream, half & half with light and brown sugar
Cinnamon sticks, lemon wedges with wild honey and gourmet Italian and assorted biscotti cookies
$4.75 per person
Dessert Bars
All deserts bars are price per guest. Chef’s attendant required for each station at $75.00 per attendant
(30 person minimum)
The Ice Cream Bar
Homers Ice Cream of the Season with seasonal tropical fruit slaw
Raspberry, strawberry, chocolate sauces with crème anglaise and whipped cream
$6.75 per person 

Banana Foster Bar
Cooked to order, fresh bananas, butter, brown sugar and dark rum
Served over choice of french vanilla ice cream with angel food cake
$6.75 per person
Make you own Sundays Bar
French vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream with fresh whipped cream
Toppings to include:
Maraschino cherries, coconut, gummy bears, health bar crunch, plain M&M’s, skittles
Assorted chopped nuts, shaved milk chocolate and sprinkles
$8.25 per person
Chocolate Belgian Waffles Bar
Cooked to order with assorted toppings with fresh whipped cream
Fresh sliced strawberries, sautéed caramel apple wedges, warm banana compote
Raspberry, blackberry and blueberry compote with french vanilla ice cream
$8.50 per person