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   Ladies and Gentleman and Children of all ages.

I just wanted to let you all know that as of April 12th at 9 pm I will be locking the doors of Lovells of Lake Forest for the last time. So starting April 13th 2015, Lovells will no longer be in service.

   On a personal note, Darice, I, my Father and Mother and Susan with the Lovells of Lake Forest Family of Employees have found it an honor to have served each and every one of you that has ever walk thru our doors. Fifteen years is a long run for a restaurant and opening Lovells and running it has been amazing time in my life and one that I’ll never forget. Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Season, such special times we all have shared together. Of course we can’t forget about all the birthdays or just watching your children grow up and become customers. There were a lot of fun times at Lovells and sad times also as we lost loved ones.

   Sometime towards the end of April I am having an auction here at Lovells,,, Everything to the bare walls is for sale. ((except personal space memorabilia)) So if there is something you like to have from Lovells, Please come on by and bid on it. As soon as I have a firm date on the auction I let everyone know.

   So you know were still open till April 12th Please come by and see Scotty, Francisco, Elisa and the rest of the crew before we close forever and so we can say goodbye. There is still live music down stairs till Saturday April 11th.

   We all would love to see you before it’s all gone

A simple Thank You to all of you for letting us into your lives.

Jay and Darice Lovell

Chef/Owner of Lovells of Lake Forest  

  Latest news,,, I just got a post from Bob King Auctions,,, Looks like the Auction will be on April 22nd, 2015 at around 9am start time and will continual until everything is gone. Ladies and gentlemen so you all know, all the space memorabilia will be removed and is not part of the auction. All that stays with the Lovell family. 

Bob King Auction web site is http://www.bobkingauctions.com/