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Private Dining Feedback Form

I would like to personally thank you for selecting Lovells for your most recent private function. Your insights are valuable and we would appreciate your taking a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire.
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Subject Private Dining Feedback
Date of Function
Type of Function *

How did you find out about our private dining facilities?

Was your initial inquiry handled in a timely manner by the Director of Sales?

Did the Lovells Director of Sales conduct themselves in a businesslike manner?

Were the specific terms and conditions of your event communicated clearly to you in advance of your function?

Was the room set to specifications?

Did the waitstaff conduct themselves in a helpful professional manner?

How would you rate the overall attitude of our staff?

Did any employee in particular make your function more enjoyable?
Did any employee in particular make your function less enjoyable?
Did the service personnel accommodate your special requests?

Was the food served to you in a timely and courteous manner?

How would you rate the quality of your food?

Were your menu items described properly to you in advance?

How would you rate the presentation of your food?

Was your food properly seasoned?

Were there sufficient menu items offered to you?

Was the food temperature appropriate when it reached your table?

Was your room set to specifications?

Was the room large enough to accommodate the guests at your function?

How would you rate the overall decor?

Was the noise level compatible to your function?

How would you rate our restaurant on an overall basis?

Do you plan on returning?

Would you recommend our facilities to someone else?

Please rate your overall experience *

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